Issue of Trade Licenses

Dangerous and Offensive Trade licenses are issued by the ULBs and the applicants who wish to start the a new trade which involves dealing with dangerous and Offensive substances/material and any such machinery as defined in the rules and regulations of Industrial and Trade Acts have to apply for D&O trade licenses at the respective ULB. The Health and Revenue section of the ULB deal with the issue of licenses and the following are the key processes which are involved in the issue of trade licenses.

  •     Application for issuing of New Licenses/Installation/Permission/NOC
  •     Renewal of D&O trade license
  •     Upgradation of trade
  •     Closure and cancellation of trades, DCB generation, and collection of fee.

The process of D&O trade license begins with the applicant applying for trade license. The applicant has to submit the application at Citizen Service Counter or at the counter in a ULB, 30 days in advance. If the applicant intends to start more than one trade he has to take the license for each additional trades.

Depending on the trade type ie., in case of Industry / Workshop / Machinery/ Factory , the applicant must obtain the NOC for installing the equipment before starting the trades. Depending on the type of trade the applicant wants to start, the processing of the application starts with the sanitary inspector inspecting the proposed trade premises and submitting his field verification details to the commissioner. Based on the remarks received from the sanitary inspector, commissioner takes a decision whether license is to be granted or not. If he grants permission, license fee is collected and license is given to the applicant.

In case of Industry / Workshop / Machinery / Factory, the applicant first applies N.O.C for installation. Then the application will be scrutinized by the health officer / DM & HO (in case health officer is not available in the ULB, DM&HO will verify it). Once he is satisfied, NOC will be issued to the applicant.

The rules and regulations for issue of temporary licenses to businesses such as crackers shops during Diwali season etc., is also same as regular license except validity of period and license fee. The official year for D&O Trade licenses is from April 1st to March 31st. The D&O trade licenses will be issued for one year only. Irrespective of the time of the issue of license, the license will be valid up to March 31st of every year. The license holders must apply for renewal of license between Jan 1st to February end.