C&DMA Powers & Functions

The powers and function of the Commissioner & Director of Municipal Administration mainly includes –

    1) He is the line authority to coordinate between State and Urban Local body with regard–​

  1. The functions and taxation powers
  2. Arrangements of revenue sharing
  3. Release of funds from Central Government/State Government and other financial institutions and preparation of plans for economic development and social justice
  4. Providing adequate representation for the weaker sections like Schedule Castes and Scheduled Tribes and women.

    2) Supervisory and monitoring authority in implementation of various developmental schemes like Smart Cities/ Smart wards, Waste Energy Plants, Liquid Waste Management, AMRUT, IHHL etc., introduced by the Government of India and Government of Andhra Pradesh.

    3) He is also supervisory and monitoring authority to timely completion of Audit and Accounts in Urban Local Bodies and also guiding the Urban Local Bodies to restrain the leakages

    4) Supervisory and monitoring authority for Solid Waste Management in all the ULBs according to SWM guidelines

    5) Guides and supervise the Urban Local Bodies to strengthen the financial stability of the Urban Local Bodies by improving their own resources like property tax, water tax, advertisement tax, energy saving etc

    6) Election Authority for conduct of ordinary and casual elections in all Municipalities and Municipal Corporations under the superintendence of State Election Commission

    7) Election Authority for conduct of election of Chairperson/Mayors/Deputy Mayors/Vice-Chairpersons of Urban Local Bodies under the superintendence of State Election Commission

    8) Electoral authority for preparation of electoral rolls in all the Municipalities and Municipal Corporation

    9) Authority for Constitution of ward committees and Area Sabhas in Municipalities and Municipal Corporations

    10) Recommending authority for Suspension of Council Resolutions passed by the Municipal Councils and Municipal Corporations

    11) Appointing Authority upto the posts of categories I to III of Andhra Pradesh Municipal Ministerial Sub-ordinate Services(APMMSS)

    12) Appointing authority to the posts of Sanitary Inspectors and Sanitary Supervisors

    13) Appointing Authority to the posts of Town Project Officers Gr.II and Town Project Officer, Gr.III.

    14) Appointing Authority to the post of Accounts Officer, Junior Accounts Officer under APMAS Service

    15) Sanction and continuance of all Non-technical posts in the Municipalities and Municipal Corporations

    16) Power of transfer of employees above the cadre of Senior Assistants in Ministerial and above Health Assistants in Public Health section of Municipalities and community Organisers working under Urban Poverty Alleviation Programmes and above Senior Accountants in Accounts section

    17) Sanction of leaves and increments to all the Municipal Commissioners

    18) Forwarding the Budget Estimates and Annual Administration reports of Municipalities to the Government

    19) Inspecting and supervising the Municipalities

    20) Review of all Plan schemes

    21) Appellate Authority for disposal of service appeals in respect of Senior Assistants and above in Municipalities upto Special Grade Municipalities, and of all employees of Selection grade Municipalities

    22) Sanction of extra ordinary expenditure of above Rs 500/- and below Rs 5000/- in the case of 1st, IInd and IIIrd grade Municipalities and upto Rs 5000/- in respect of Special and Selection grade Municipalities

    23) Sanction of retaining fees to the Municipal Standing Counsels

    24) To accord permission to the Municipalities to engage or appoint two separate standing Counsels; one for civil cases and another for criminal cases

    25) Sanction of T.A. Bills of Municipal Standing Counsels

    26) Sanction of T.A. and D.A. to the Chairperson in Selection Grade Municipalities

    27) Sanction of Commutation of pension to all the Municipal Employees(Including Corporation employees)

    28) Sanction of pensions to all Municipal Commissioners and staff of DMA.

    29) To accord permission to confirm the bid of condemned vehicles

    30) Sanction to engage hiring of vehicles by Municipal functionaries