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Mydukur Municipality is III Grade 6th  largest ULB in the YSR District of Andhra Pradesh.  It is spread over an area of 49.6 sq.kms with a population of 45701 (2011 census).  It is known for / famous for its 1) mythological famous Thathvaguru Sri Verra Bramhendra Swamy temple located in the Mydukur constituency, an ancient temple god of  Thirumala Nadha swamy temple it was built by king Janamejayudu.      
Location :
It is located 400 kms.  from new built capital city Amaravathi and 40 kms from district headquarters Kadapa.  It was established as Municipality in the year 2012 Mydukur Municipality is located in Ananthapuram Region. There are 4 zones / and 23 election wards in this Municipality.
Topography :
Mydukur Municipality is in the Jammalamadugu Revenue Division Y.S.R Kadapa District of  Andhra Pradesh. Mydukur Town is located as North side, Kadapa Corporation southern side Chagalamarri town of Kurnool District, East side Badvel Municipality and Western side Proddatur Municipality is the famous towns.
Climate and Rainfall :
Mydukur town, in general, has a tropical  climate, winters last from November to February, while summers last from March to June.  The annual rainfall is 455.2 mm, most of it received during the months of August to November to data. And North East monsoons to be rains.
Demography :
The population of the town which  35231 in 2001 increased to 45701 in 2011 with an increase of 1.9% in the last decade.  The sex ration is 984 females per 1000 males.  The literacy rate is 64.5% of the male population and 76.5% of the female  population are literate 52.5%.
As per the Budget for the year 2015-16 Annual income for the Municipality from all the sources like property taxes, Water taxes Education taxes, License fees, Remuneration enterprises and Town planning department extra is expected including all Government Grants as Rs.10.00 Crores for the financial year 2015-16.
The annual expenditure for the Financial year as an abstract of various heads is arrived including all Government grants as Rs.7.16 crores. Hences, it is concluded that the overall economy of this Municipality is difference of the above is concluded as Rs. 2.84 crores for the financial year 2015-16.

Environment issues:
There are certain Environmental trendy programmes are being implemented in this Municipality as per the Guidelines and instructions of the Government & Central Government issued from time to time under Solid Waste Management 2000 rules as well as IHHL Toilets construction implementing under Swacha Bharath and Swacha Andhra corporation in this Municipality. A drive for mas plantation was also conducted and planted 3260 No. of seedlings under Tree plantation programme, plastic ban is also implemented.
Urban Poor:
There are certain welfare activities for urban poor have been taken up in this Municipality as sanctioned by the Government under various schemes by Mepma. Some of the Unemployeers and others are training programs has to be conducting.
No. of Self Help Groups                        -    737
No. of Slum Level Federations             -    30
No of Town level Federations               -    01    
No of SHGs under bank Linkage 2014-15     -    8.5 Crores (Target – 7 Crores)
No of SHGs under bank Linkage 2015-16        -    5.01 Crores (Target – 7 Crores)
No of SHGs under capital infusion        -    1.910 Crores
No. of persons registered under ABH        -    468
No. of persons Registered under AABY        -    1079    
History & Culture:
Mydukur is town and a Municipality Y.S.R, Kadapa District of Andhra Pradesh in India. Mydukur Municipality is located in the edge of Kurnool & Kadapa. The main agriculture source of water Kurnool to kadapa branch canal entered in the town. Krishna puram /Chinna balari onion, is famous agricultural product and it is transport other states and countries like singapoor, malaysiya. Termonic, Banana, Rice, Chilly, Coriander leaves is main agricultural products.
       It is located in the middle of the town in the Rayalaseema Region in Bio Graphically. Mydukur Municipality in the Hamlet village of parvathi nagar Hari katha & Burra katha famous artists resides. They will gives training who wants  to know Hari katha & Burra katha style of singing and action.
         There is ancient temple Lakshmi Thirumala natha swamy temple and it is built by king of Janamejayudu. It is famous festivals are conducting Peddamma jathara and Ankallamma Devara. Peoples are doing poojas very devotional, Madhavarayudu swamy paraveta vuchavam is famous sankranthi festival.
    There is a famous Gagath Guru, Thathva Bhoda and Marvels  Speechs about the future which were happens was said Yogi Brahma Sri Pothuluri Veera Bramhemdra Swamy  Jeeva Samadhi located in Mydukur Constiancy. Every year People will celebrate his jayanthi as a festival. Thousands of pilgrims are came and take wishes and celebrates devotional feelings in the Bramham  gari mattam.