About Repalle Municipality

Repalle Municipality is 2nd Grade Municipality in the Guntur District of Andhra Pradesh. It is spread over an area 10.97 Sq.Km., with a population of 50866 (2011 census).

 It is located 130 Kms from Capital city and 72 Kms from District Headquarter.It was established as 3rd Grade Municipality in the year 1956 and it was handed and upgraded to 2nd Grade Municipality in the year 1965 There are 2 zones, 14 Revenue wards  and 28 Election wards in this municipality.
 Repalle town is situated between 150.54’ North and 150.55’ North longitude and 800.30’ East longitude on the Guntur Bapatla Chirala Road. The road is under consideration to declare it as Highway from “Penumudi’’ bridge which was Constructed recently on the river of Krishna near Repalle which is along to prakasam District.
Climate and rainfall:
 Repalle town  is in  general  has a tropical climate, winter season is being comes from the month of  November  last week which continues up to February and there after summer is will be came fr0om march and it continues up to July  and the annual maximum rainfall is received @250.6 mm from year of 2007 and which is being received during the months of  October, November and December.
 As of 2011 census, the town had a population of 50,866. The total population constitute, 24,385 males and 26,481 females sex ratio of 1086 females per 1000 males. 4,308 children are in the age group of 0–6 years, of which 2,184 are boys and 2,124 are girls. The average literacy rate stands at 81.32% with 37,862 literates, significantly higher than the state average of 67.41%
Environmental issues:
 Repalle is located at 16.01°N 80.51°E.[6] It has an average elevation of 7 m (23 ft) and situated 10.62 km (6.60 mi).[7] The nearest towns are Tenali, Bapatla in the Guntur district, and Machilipatnam in the Krishna district.
Urban poor:
 The Repalle Municipality is extending the benefit of prestigious schemes to the urban poor people which are being introducing by the government from time to  time. The success of DWCRA self help groups is emulated in the urban area also by forming DWCUA self Common Building Services help groups and the Government is facilitating various credit plans through SLBC/DLBC to these urban self groups for various income generating activities. This programe is done under Indira Kranthi Padham. The population in the slums are 21822.
History & culture:
The name Repalle is actually formed from two words: Revu (river or bank of the river) and Palle (village). Originally known as Revupalle, the name has evolved to Repalle over time
The Financial position of Repalle Municipality  is in  sound from last 30 years  due to the financial reforms are being implementing by this municipality strictly by explaining the reasons to the public representatives and as well as the public. As such the municipality is having 5% minimum working balance in the every year budget even after allocating the budget amounts to all the heads as per the standard norms of the Government issued in preparation of the budget and at present the Municipality is having 5.00 Crores of Balance under different head of accounts.